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Day 3 City Boy, Small Town

A slower way of living out here in Small Town North Carolina.  Nothing fast about it.  No need to get things done fast, no coffee shop on every corner and no dry cleaners, heck, I can’t even find a place to get an alcoholic refresher at any point of the day or night.  The churches out here, one to every household it seems, must have the lock and key to the liquor cache.   The fast food out here is even slow.  I definitely sound like an outsider here going through the drive through at the local hang out (Arby’s).  “Hello, can you hear me…Hello”  not knowing that the politeness out here does not allow them to interrupt someone from whom is talking. Even the elevators are slow here, in our hotel to get to the third story you might as well scale the side of the building.

Life in a small town is definitely an acquired taste.  You have to go into it knowing that everyone around is going to know your business, that most people know each other.  I was walking around “town” taking pictures of some of the older buildings and run down old shacks when I was stopped by an older fella that went on to talking to me about the IRS tax code for roughly an eternity.  Also some FYI for you, it is not a stereotype about the southern men all having chew in their mouth and camouflage hats and clothing.  Id say 4 out of 5 men out here fit that profile.  If they are not hunting they are directly apart of a conversation about it.  I have seen more dead deer pictures and poor deer heads on the wall than I have ever seen in my life.  I am sure that this little town has taken out at least 35% of the deer population.  And the vehicles have taken out 90% of the possum’s.

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