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The World That Cried Wolf

So on a different note from my small town visit I had to talk about this end of the world prophecy for tomorrow May 21, 2011.  As much end of the world crap as we have heard in all of our life times it has been more of an amusement than a warning.  Just ten minutes ago I was watching the news and heard, “Breaking News, church leaders say second coming of Christ tomorrow”  than in the same breath, that there will be a concert in town square next week.  There will never, in the future, be a legitimate end of the world scare because of all the times that we have cried wolf.  We will only know when the end of the world is upon us when comets are actually coming through the front door.  Although there is some humor and hope in this for those of us that put no stock in prophecy.  There is a man (an atheist) who has actually had 200+ clients to watch their pets when they got beamed to heaven.

No offense but this is more Christian fundamentalist trying to put fear in the thoughts of their followers, and that’s just the republicans…hee hee.  BURN

Stop the freaking madness.  And finally, who the hell is screening the news now a days.  Get that crap off the air, or all you will have are idiots like this pitching their garbage.   Its bad enough that we have Christian, Mormon and so forth channels.  Now we have the retards of the religious sect becoming their own personal super hero because they see themselves on the motion picture box.

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