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Dear…You know who the fuck I’m talking to!

Dear… You know who the fuck I am talking to…

Look at you now, trying your hardest to come back in, not going to happen, you are the scum of the earth. I used to feel sorry for you, now you just disgust me, the only thing that I can know for sure is that I am going to bash your fucking head in with a bat. All you ever do is walk around, fucking moaning all the time and trying to get back in, clawing at my door. Bitch, get it through your fucking head, you are dead to me and next time I see you, you are going to get a bullet straight in the your shitty eye. At first I thought that I could help you and give you the benefit of the doubt and that this wasn’t your fault. But now, all you are to me is just fucking ugly and a waste of space, your heart is cold, and I am going to kill you before you can start trying to wreck someone else’s life. I watch you through my window everyday, planning on how I am going to end you. I left this note on the door for you so that, if you can read, you will get the hint and know that there is no peace here, this is going to end in blood. I knew right when you turned up on my doorstep that it was going to take a major act of violence to get rid of you. Fuck, as I am righting this I can smell your stink all around my house. FUCK I HATE YOU. By the way if any of your friends are out there roaming the streets, tell them I am coming for them next. Jesus I hate fucking Zombies. Assholes stay dead.

Yours truly
Jason Miller



If Picasso would have drawn what I had just drawn it would have been considered a work of art, but since I did it, It requires a psych evaluation.

Jason Miller

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