Day 1-1/2 City Boy Small Town

I had to title this day 1 1/2 because I don’t remember much, only working on about 45 min of sleep.  After all the madness with the car rental company it was time to drive from the dirty-dirty (Atlanta) to small town North Carolina.   I wish that I could have given you a run down of the drive but it would all be made up as I was counting sheep the entire time.

I always heard that people were a lot nicer and friendlier out in small towns, but this is ridiculous.  We stopped at a gas station a ways outside of town ( I call it a town even though there are more constants in the word town than there are businesses there)  so that I could freshen up a bit.   I was standing at the back of the rental car changing my shirt,  I was watching a van pull into a, I thought extinct, full service area.  The very polite young man explained that the other pump (2 pumps) was the self-service.  So the man in the van proceeded to back up to self-serve, I assume trying to take a short cut and go right through the gas pump, trash can and window washer.  I hear a loud bang as the attendant and the owner of the gas station run out.  Goodie goodie I am about to see a major shouting match, some police cars a lawyer and probably even channel 13 news.  Nope.  A quick check of the car and the pump, a little reorganizing of the trash and everyone was shaking hands, smiling and the van was on its way with the two workers waving them bye.  If this was to happen in Vegas, there would have been at least two panic attacks, one argument a paper trail of insurance cards, more than one finger-pointing and a partridge in a pear tree.

When we finally get to “town” everyone that was out on the road (3/4 gravel, 1/4 pavement) waving as we drove by.  It was a children of the corn moment for me, scared of all the brightly pigmented people…


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